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"CPA" is an acronym for "Certified Public Accountant".  The CPA profession is regulated by individual State Boards of Accountancy.  In order to become a CPA in Arizona, an accountant must meet several criteria:

bulletA bachelor's degree must be earned.
bulletAn intensive, multi-day exam covering aspects of accounting, taxation, and business law must be passed.
bulletAn ethics examination must be passed.
bulletAt least 2 years of experience in public accounting or related work must be obtained.
bulletAt least 80 hours of relevant continuing education must be obtained every 2 years.
bulletA bi-annual report must be filed with the Arizona State Board of Accountancy. 

Most other states have similar requirements.  Additional information regarding Arizona's regulation of CPA's can be found at the Arizona State Board of Accountancy web site at

The CPA designation is intended to provide the customer with assurance that he or she is working with an individual committed to the accounting profession.


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